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hb1Control App

Hornberg Research has released an Apple silicon native / Intel Version of the "hb1Control" app.

Our hb1 Videos on Youtube


Hornberg Research "hb1Control" app

hb1 overview

hb1 MIDI Breath Station|Overview

hb1 features part1

hb1 MIDI Breath Station Feat.|Part 1

hb1 multi mode

hb1 MIDI Breath Station|multi mode

hb1 trailer

hb1 MIDI Breath Station|Trailer

hb1 dual mode

hb1 MIDI Breath Station|dual mode

hb1 dual mode part2

hb1 MIDI Breath Station|dual mode|Part 2

hb1 dual mode part3

hb1 MIDI Breath Station|dual mode|Part 3

Tobias Becker (nnoiz Papp) presents the hb1 MIDI Breath Station

nnoiz Papp nnoicatz

Dancing the nnoicatz

nnoiz Papp part1

Breath on ModularSystem Part 1

nnoiz Papp part2

Breath on ModularSystem Part 2

nnoiz Papp part3

Breath on ModularSystem Part 3

hb1 with Octatrack

hb1 with Octatrack

hb1 with Moog

hb1 with Moog